About Us

Message from the MD’S Desk:


Let, me take this opportunity on behalf of the faculty & staff, we at Delta Success Point, welcome you to realize a Convincing path with us.

Delta Success Point vision supports on our belief and vow to change every student into an ambassador for their own semblance. Education is not only a way of learning new things but it is also about looking at the world in a different way. As an educationist, I believe that a student’s education is complete only when we are able to contribute towards his/her overall development besides imparting knowledge based and career oriented training to students to excel in every sphere of their lives. if you take advantage of what we offer, you will build a strong beam upon which you can lift your life. we have always followed our rewards in your success and this truly translates into a long and knowing relationship with every student who certify out of Delta Success Point. We take greater delight in the relationship we share because tomorrow each one of you will be an encouragement to those who will face the same crossroad as you are today. We at Delta Success Point have a mission to create and disseminate knowledge by developing and widening the quest quotient of our students with enthusiasm and excellence.

About Delta Success Point:

Founded in 2014, by Er. AMIT SUMAN, Delta Success Point, is recognized for its excellence in academic programs for IIT-JEE and Medical Level. We believe in providing the best possible facilities to our students. Our endeavor is to create a congenial atmosphere to nurture talent through the support and guidance of experience faculty with an access to state of the art infrastructure. For over a century, education has remained largely unchanged. Despite many technological advances and the introduction of new pedagogical concepts, the majority of today’s Institute continue to utilize the age old traditional mode. The world is changing – it is getting both smaller and bigger at the same time. As a result of the ability to communicate globally and the information explosion, education must change. Most educators might not want to change, but the change is coming and you will feel the difference at Opportunity Tutorials. The challenge is to prepare the students of today for a world that has yet to be created.